Blue Jordan is a collective of artists based in the Cincinnati area who have pledged to share their resources and talents with one another and with the listening public. Several of our artists have received national attention, but all continue to play locally and support the Cincinnati music scene. You can find out more about our artists by clicking on the links to your left.


Wild Carrot Rejoins the Fold at Blue Jordan!

Folk duo, Wild Carrot, made up of husband and wife Pam Temple and Spencer Funk have parted ways with Falling Mountain Music and will once again be a part in earnest of the Blue Jordan cooperative. Pam's voice is familiar to those who love great music in and around Cincinnati not just because of her performing and touring for many years but also because she is one of the regular DJs on WNKU-FM. Although Wild Carrot has always continued to be a part of Blue Jordan events and collaboration we are happy to have them become as equally involved as they once were as full-fledged members without tethers to the "English".