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This Time - released 1998


My Golden Angel (S. Dill)

Glowing at midnight, softly floating gray as a ghost
Simple persuasion, I wouldn't say that but rather propose
I was just swinging by the tree line, I was just simply biding my time
I wasn't looking for a vision, in the blanketed evening sky

My golden angel floated above me, she was playing some funny guitar
And with the music, she sang me a question
Do you know who you are do you know who you are to me

Stroll down the ditch bank, whispering spirits in the corn
She glides over tall grass, and says she doesn't like to perform
We move in silence through the night air, enjoying quiet company
Life can be hard when you're not living, and then we laughed at the absurdity

And it seems kind of funny, now that we've exposed the truth
She'll keep an eye out for me, I'm her guardian too
And in the silent hours just before dawn, I'll stare up into the sky
And wonder which plain she's on

Glowing at midnight, softly floating across the sky
She'll be returning, gold in a blink of an eye


This Time (T. Dill)

I take a walk with her and we're in the woods
And I hold her hand like I knew I should and
I whisper gently who I am
Then she looked up at me, as if to say
Thanks so much I'm on my way, I'm on my way

You're a friend this time and I am all confused
I recognize you it's hard to lose these feelings
We once knew, I can't lose these feelings we once knew
You're a friend this time, this time

Well the next thing I know I'm with you I believe
And it's harder this time cause I know it won't be long till we leave
So I take a walk with him now we're in the sea
And I hold his hand and I whisper gently who I am who I am

Well it's another time and I'm holding him tight
I look up at him and see a light behind him
Tell him who I am, tell him who I am


Remember Me (T. Dill)

There's an old man on the corner looking back at me
Through the window of a car passing by
As the car drives on by, he looks to me as if to say
Pay no attention to me

Nothing is what it is
We make mistakes, now try to give
Your time, your mind, you said "don't leave me behind"
Remember me

Now the old man on the corner turns back to say
To the woman standing there, can I borrow a buck or two?
"I have no money and I have no change to give"
And she walks away and thinks what could I do, what could I do?

I wonder what he's thinking
If he could read my mind he'd say to me
It's okay, don't be afraid, don't be afraid


Him (T. Dill)

My friend the red haired man
He speaks so easily
He never keeps me in suspense
I know his thoughts like they're mine

Him, Him, Him
Well, what a pleasure knowing him
He sees me and I see him
Watching us so carefully

My friend the red haired man
He speaks to me again again
What's he saying I can't recall
I go to sleep and try to fall back to sleep

Saying those words I once said
Is it just in my head
Is it just in my head


Gravity (S. Dill)

It kind of hit me like old Newton and the apple
A real surprise falling from the skies
And in the silence of a crystallizing moment
I felt a burn from the constant turn
Of thoughts realized, of truths and lies
Up from the din it would begin
In started moving like a marble down a mountain
In the quiet pull, in the quiet pull

Sister moon has spun away, I felt my heart reach out for her
And in its quiet burning way, struggles to break free of the earth
We're all fighting gravity, got to have more to see

I sat and thought about my heavy revelation
Embrace the strain cut against the grain
And in that moment I became a little lighter
To my surprise felt my body rise
Above the house, down the hill
Along a shore I'd never seen before
When my eyes opened I was back to the beginning
In the quiet pull, in the quiet pull

It seems like everything's falling
From the rain to the leaves and the stars from above
Are we simply stalling, or is there a way for us to rise up
To escape from these shells, unshackle ourselves
To break from gravity


Hanley Street (S. Dill)

The sun is fading now, quiet shade is coming down
And in the distance I hear a lonely train sigh
Go west across the tracks memories start to fill the cracks now
I hear the laughing ghosts of days gone by

Down there on Hanley Street my mind can run with a child's feet
Down there on Hanley Street a simple thought can keep my soul
Laughing, laughing, I hear the echos in my head
Laughing laughing

It's hard to understand, I've walked so far to where I am
And in the distance I still hear that train
And when the sun gets low on me, I turn to walk back towards the sea, where my young beat years ago

Years go by in weeks
Lost in hide and seek
To be young again
Close your eyes and see


Searchlight (S. Dill)

And if I were your anchor, or better yet your sail
Would you float across the ocean or swim to avoid the gale?
My intentions are nothing but honest, and I honestly intend to reach you
I've tried to walk upon the water but that lifeline will have to do

Searchlight, safe above the sea
Don't attempt to calm the ocean
Guide her to me

There's a rhythm in the breaking shoreline and a melody upon the wind
A song is heard among the dunes and as, as it begins
I'm reminded that I am your anchor and you have become my sail
We will journey across it together, rolling on, rolling on through time

Just dive in
Allow it all beneath your skin


Blanket of Love (T. Dill)

I remember not too long ago, I was just a young girl then
Tried to ignore all that was said and done
I remembered to turn the other way, I was too small not to be brave
Left to go outside to play, never to return
I needed to learn, so you

Cover me with your blanket, Cover me with your love
Cover me with your blanket, Blanket of love
Cover me with your graces, woven by your strength and your love
Cover me with your blanket, Blanket of love

Now I'm older and I understand how brave and young you must have been
To ignore all that was said and done
Never left me, not for one moment, always there when I was so wrong
Left to go outside to play, never to return, I needed to learn

Wash away all my fears let it go away
Wash away all my tears into yesterday


Small Pieces (T. Dill)

I looked at you while you were sleeping, lying there so peacefully in my bed
Sometimes I stare at you and wonder why oh why did we meet
Something tells me it was part of plan to see ourselves to the end
See ourselves through to the end

Small pieces never knowing where they go or fit into my world
Small pieces go everywhere they follow you to the end of your world

Now do you ever look at yourself and see a reflection of someone else
Do you look into the atmosphere and try to grab was isn't there
I see more than you could ever believe and suddenly I'm back in this world
I'm back in this world with just you and me and

Remember it's time to listen to all my words and all your memories
You take in this world you're left with only the skin, one small piece


Give Me Hope (T. Dill)

When you wish upon a star, it doesn't matter how far or long you stare
You pick the one star made just for you, and you wait and wonder why
What do you want from me, what should I do, give me the answer now

Give me strength to hope
Give me hope to carry on
Carry me over the darkest time

Give me laughter when I cry
Give me patience to find inside
What it is I hope to be
What it is I hope you see

Millions to pick from and millions to see, yet one catches your eye
It's the brightest light for that moment in time, you stare others don't compare
What do you want from me, what should I do, give me the answer now

It's ok to dream and think about your future and your life
others look at you they can't see, can't see


The Secret (S. Dill)

In a darkened room where the quiet stays
He dreamed a dream that he's awake

Out across the floor, moving down the hall
He descends the stairs despite my call
Rising in the yard, tried to hold him down
But as I grabbed his hand we left the ground, we left the ground

Although I'll tell you, I doubt you'll believe me
The first night it happened I swore it was a dream
I'm too afraid to tell him, he'll say it's all a lie
At night my brother carries me asleep across the sky

Starring down the clock, sitting in my room
Now the lights go down, he'll sleep soon
Wonder where we'll go, such a quiet night
Just enjoy the view and hold on tight, hold on tight

Through the clouds then falling, floating, gliding down
Landing, through the door, up the stairs
Into bed, close my eyes

Twenty years have passed, now I'm far away
Though I sleep at night, I'm still awake
Dreaming of the feel of my brother's hand
And our silent flights above the land, above the land


Outerspace (S. Dill)

Quietly we fade from light
A haunted moon begins its flight, across the sky
On the earth people gather to their flames
Like distant stars across the plains
And I dream of

You, out in outer space tonight
You, out in outer space tonight

Try to visit my hometown
You'll find us planted to the ground, scanning the sky
Looking for a sign, desperately we cling to hope
Swinging free out on the ropes
Still I dream of

And if I look up
And see a falling star
I will know that you're not far from me




Beyond - Released 1996


Silence (S. Dill)

And all this while just beyond the iron gate
it stood alone arms stretched to the sky
In spring the green grows with passion
No spoken word it signifies

Silence, can be the answer
Silence, waits for no reply
All these years I've watched you grow
To what you are

So thick and gray, the clouds roll on forever
Their weight a burden to the sky
Below it stand within the grasp of winter
It looks of death, but never wills to die

Reaching, stretching, all's at peace, its skin
So rough but underneath I sense a heart
That beats with knowledge that flows deep
Within, is pushed to strengthen every limb
And to show


My Window (T. Dill)

I looked at you, then looked at me
What could you ever see in me, nothing
I had no money or no clothes
Wanted to be left alone, wondering

Look at me straight in my eyes
Tell me what I hope to hear
I know you love me, you love me

We walked together hand in hand
Wanting to know your life's plan, listening
I told you I was leaving soon
I'd like to hear from you if I could, waiting

Look at me straight in my eyes
Tell me what I hope to hear
See it in your eyes so clear
Look do deep past the fear
I know you love me, you love me


Change (S. Dill)

In the fading autumn light
As the shadows creep
Leaves fall like rain
Onto the street

And how quickly spring did thaw
Then the summer's rise and fall
Into winter's frigid charms we will go

In the darkness I will think
As I often do
About shortened days
About me and you

Do you know that when the seasons change
We seem to change too?
Walk along the road that is time
While I change with you
I remember though not long ago
How new I felt inside


Swimming (T. Dill)

There once was a girl full of hopes and dreams
She denied the fact she couldn't reach the beams
Of light that held her high above all others
Just waiting for the final moment
She'd see her brother lifted from the water
High above the water, so high above the water

Swimming through the water, I go, I go
Swimming through the water I go, I go, I go

Her brother was a friend like no other
Swam in the water with no others
Wanted relief from work and pain
Found himself tired, felt insane
Just waiting for the final moment
He'd lose strength, lose strength
And fall to the bottom, fall to the bottom

Falling to the bottom, I go, I go
Falling to the bottom, I go, I go, I go

He left me for one short sight
When looking up he saw the light
It must be hypnotizing
Feel my body rising, he said let me go, let me go



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