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THIS TIME Compact Disc

$14.99 (shipping included)

1. My Golden Angel
2. This Time
3. Remember Me
4. Him
5. Gravity
6. Hanley St.
7. Searchlight
8. Blanket Of Love
9. Small Pieces
10. Give Me Hope
11. The Secret
12. Outerspace

  This project started out in the fall of 1997 as a demo. The band tracked all the drums in one day in their friends' (the Smiley's) barn loft. The recording set-up had cables running across the back yard, with Tyler Brown manning the sound board in a small room by the Smiley's back door. The rest was recorded in Tony Moore's basement studio and in various rooms at Tony's flavor company. Just another day in the life of a struggling band. GS decided to further flesh out the tracks and proceeded to make the group's first LP. Josiah Wolf played drums and Mike Helm graciously covered bass on all but track 3. Peter Throm joined Gwendolyn Speaks on bass as a full-time member near the end of the recording and was able to track one song. Tyler Brown engineered the project and Scott took a shot at producing. This Time was released in late 1998 to rave reviews throughout the midwest region, including being hailed as one of Cincinnati Top 25 releases for '98 by Citybeat magazine. The band was also voted one of the Midwest's "Killer Bands" by on the merits of this recording.

BEYOND Compact Disc

$8.99 (shipping included)

1. Silence
My Window

  In 1995, Tara and Scott were calling themselves Common Ground, playing around regionally as an acoustic duet. Occasionally they performed with Steve Davis, a friend of Over The Rhine (and now Monk) guitarist Ric Hordinski. Steve introduced the pair to Ric, who had just started producing artists from his home studio, Mersey Beat. Scott and Tara decided to work with Ric and put down four songs with full band orchestration (since this is how they hoped to eventually perform the music). All the tracks were recorded by Scott, Tara and Ric in his living room as his pets looked on. The EP was released in October 1996.



L's and XL's are all that are left. It's a white t-shirt with "Gwendolyn Speaks - This Time" and the watch from the front cover of the CD in purple. The back of the t-shirt is blank.

$9.99 (shipping included)


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  The Gwendolyn Speaks track "Consider" appears on the "Voices of Harvest Moon" compilation CD. Proceeds from the sale of the CD, which also includes tracks by Janet Pressley, Katie Reider, and all the acts that performed at the 2001 Harvest Moon benefit concert, will go to provide relief for the victims of Sept. 11's terrorist attack on New York City and Washington DC. Click on the graphic below for a direct link to purchase the CD from