Dear Diary:


FEBRUARY 5, 2001

We had a wonderful show at Joseph-Beth Booksellers on Friday, February 2nd. Rick Fields and Mark Utley both played this show with me, and it was really a pleasure. Rick has been playing for years, most notably as part of the band Prodigal in the 1980's. He has been playing in the worship band at the Springdale Vineyard for years and is now the worship leader at the Mason Vineyard. He and Jim Wilson and friends make up a wonderful band called The Perkolaters that sprung up from some almost accidental recordings that local photograper Michael Wilson produced as their first album, Finishing School. Rick is a strong and intuitive player, though if you ask him, he'll tell you he used to learn all his tunes by rote.

Mark Utley played bass...he really does a wonderful job. I believe he'll try to tell you that he is a guitar player first, and he certainly is a gifted one. However, he has a great feel for the bass, especially for the understated sound that we are reaching for. Mark is the backbone behind the group Stop the Car. He is also a talented graphic designer...he designed all those cool Stop the Car show posters that he had the mind to post on their website. Please look at them when you have a chance.

We'll be on a short break from performing for a bit, but we shall hopefully start up again with more resolve in the spring. Hope to see you there.