Blue Jordan Records - Janet's record label, home also to talented acts like David Wolfenberger, Gwendolyn Speaks, Joshua Suerkamp, Wild Carrot, and Katie Reider. All of their websites can be directly accessed from the Blue Jordan homepage. - "Music has a power over many of us in ways that can be hard to describe to non-music lovers. While music can be fun, intoxicating, mind-numbing, or energizing, Paste seeks to find artists who play music that awakens something deeper within us. Whether it stirs us with stories of hope, despair, charity, depravity, joy or destitution, it contains a thread of the common human condition that connects to our soul. This is PasteMusic.

The artists we've chosen to promote are generally independent, lesser known musicians who deserve to be heard, and who we think you'll be glad to discover. The styles are as varied as alternative pop, rock, and Celtic, with a concentration of modern singer/songwriter folk/rock. While the vehicles may differ, the commonality is in the poetry, the stories, the truths, and the emotions of the artists. is a gathering place for people who are looking for music that will connect to their souls, whether to buy an album, read about a new artist or listen to a song at PasteRadio. There's not really a name for this genre, so we're content to let you take a listen and come to your own conclusions." - Quoted from the website.

The above link will take you directly to Janet's page within the Pastemusic site. - "About - SHOP for the best independent music that the Internet has to offer. We give you thousands of artists to explore and shop! is the leading secure source for credit card music ordering on artists' websites and our superstore." - Quoted from the website.

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Queen City Balladeers - "Folk Music is what we do. Our all-volunteer organization was established to preserve the popularity and quality of folk music and folk art. We supply a support network for anyone and everyone who is interested in music. Whether you are a performer, songwriter, instument maker, or someone who just likes to listen to a variety good music, you will find a place with the Balladeers.

What is Folk Music? Folk Music is more than just 1960's protest songs. It is quite simply the music performed by all kinds of of folks. This diverse genre includes such forms as Old Time Tradtional, Blues, Celtic, Bluegrass, Country Folk, Alternative Folk, Americana, Klezmer Music, and the various forms of today's Acoustic Pop. In fact, there are so many different forms of Folk Music that we simply do not know what might come up next. " - Quoted from the Queen City Balladeers website.


The Swannanoa Gathering - "Founded in 1991, The Swannanoa Gathering is a series of week-long workshops in various folk arts held in July and August on the campus of Warren Wilson College near Asheville in the heart of North Carolina's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. With a limited enrollment and an 'open' format which allows each student to select their own curriculum from a variety of courses, we offer an intimate, supportive community experience for students of all abilities, featuring a staff of some of the finest performers and teachers in the world. " - Quoted from the Swannanoa Gathering website. - " is a portal for musicians. The community-based system attracts vocal supporters from the music industry, media, and music fan segments. Both amateur and veteran musicians regularly log on to for the latest news, articles, and contact directory updates. Thousands subscribe to the twice-monthly Indie News tip sheet.'s success is rooted in core knowledge of its customers. They didn't start out as a "". Instead, they started back in the 80's as musicians and engineers, experiencing the music industry first hand, sometimes learning the hard way. offers free information to visitors, and has become a gathering place for musicians and music fans. Revenue is generated through targeted advertisements, product sales (instruments, books, videos, CDs), and services." - Quoted from the website.

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Vineyard Central - "In some mysterious way all of us are seekers, saints, and sinners -- though perhaps in varying degrees. No matter what mixture of seeker, saint, and sinner you are you're welcome here. So, where is "here"? Is this a church? A place where wine is made? An extended family? We're a little hard to define-though not intentionally-so if you're new to this site maybe you should poke around the rooms of this house and see for yourself. Nothing is off limits-feel free to make yourself at home. Kick your shoes off if you'd like and stay awhile. This house will be under constant renovation so come back as often as you'd like and see the changes. We're glad you're here!" - Quoted from the Vineyard Central website. - " is the leading music news and information resource for the Greater Cincinnati Area. Our site receives more than 90,000 pageviews per month, giving you exposure to a large portion of the local music community. There are over 1000 artists and businesses listed on, with more being added daily. The majority of our visitors are from the Cincinnati area and have a common interest - music. If your business or group is interested in reaching the Cincinnati music community via the web, THIS is the place to do it! is linked to over 300 local and national websites, as well as all major search engines." - Quoted from the website. - "Who we are: is Cincinnati-based company supporting and promoting local music acts on the local level through the Internet.

Why we are: We are interested in putting artists on the Internet for no other reason than our own love for the music scene and interest in Internet activity.

Why you: The Web is the perfect medium for helping unsigned artists: It provides a great way for fans, potential fans, and even record labels to learn about you, find out about your upcoming shows, sample your music, and contact you. If you are looking to expose your band in every way possible, there is no way better than the Web. Without this World Wide exposure, you could miss potential fans and record labels.

Where we fit in: We will be promoting artists to record labels, magazines and anywhere we can gain attraction. This puts them in the Information Superhighway's 'fast lane.'" - Quoted from the website.


Parker Pottery Gallery - "My interest in pottery began with a semester of pottery classes at Grove City College. After several years away from college and working with clay, I was driving past a local pottery shop and thought that it would be fun to get involved in pottery again. I began renting studio space at Annie's Mud Pie Shop. I have continued teaching myself since that time. In the fall of 1998 my parents helped me to buy a wheel so that I could set up a studio. A friend provided a kiln for me to share. My studio is currently set up in the boiler room of Vineyard Central in Norwood, Ohio." - Quoted from the Parker Pottery Gallery website.

The above link will take you to a gallery of images of some of Tom Parker's fine pottery work.


Novena Web Design - A different kind of web-design operation. Insert your petition here.